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BARK200U Dog Shock-Free No-Bark Collar Dual Sonic Technology by Motorola


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Motorola introduces the Bark200U Ultrasonic No-bark collar - a quick and easy shock-free way to reduce your dog's non-stop barking. The training collar works by sending out a high-pitched, annoying sound that only a dog can hear.  It's a safe and effective way to reduce and discourage barking.  

The Motorola Bark200U collar senses your dog's vocal cord vibration so there is no chance it will activate if it is not supposed to.  It also has a built-in sensor that lets your dog bark freely for 5 seconds.  After 5 seconds, the Bark200U collar gives a warning vibration using a dual vibration modes alert. If he continues to bark, the collar will then emit the ultrasonic sound.  

After a 2-minute period the collar resets and your dog has 5 more seconds of free bark time.  The collar has 3 levels of correction so you can adjust the correction level to match your dog's temperament and behavior.  Level 1 is an audible tone only. Level 2 is one second of ultrasonic sound and level 3 is three seconds of ultrasonic sound. 

The Motorola No Shock Bark Collar with Dual Sonic Technology emits a harmless high frequency sound only your dog can hear. It is a quick, easy and fair way to reduce excessive barking behavior. Whenever the No-Bark Collar detects that your dog is barking, the No-Bark Collar Unit that is worn on your dog releases an unpleasant high-pitched ultrasonic sound to interrupt its barking.

Every dog barks, so to be most fair to your pet, this bark collar has unique programming that allows for 5 seconds of “FREE” barking time, after which the No-Bark Collar Unit will vibrate. Should your dog continue to bark, the unit will emit the ultrasonic correction. If your dog is quiet for two minutes, once again it is offered five more seconds of “FREE” barking followed by a warning vibration prior to any ultrasonic correction. 

You can choose from three levels of correction (Level 1 - audible tone only, Level 2 - 1 second of ultrasonic sound, Level 3 - 3 seconds of ultrasonic sound) to match your dog's personality. The goal is to limit excessive barking, not to attempt to eliminate or suppress all barking.

Motorola's unique Dual Sonic technology provides an effective deterrent to excessive barking or remote activated to discourage other problem behaviors such as jumping up, getting on furniture or raiding the trash. Your dog will quickly learn what behaviors to avoid to be a happier and better behaved member of the family. 

Pet Friendly bark detection and algorithm provides 5 seconds of free barking time, and then warning tone prior to any static correction for every two minutes of no barking. Two ultrasonic speakers directed back towards dog to optimize results. For your dog's safety, do not attach a leash to this collar.  



  • Corrections Ultrasonic (3 levels, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH) + Vibration
  • 3 levels of tone or ultrasonic correction
  • Warning vibration alert 
  • Allows for 5 seconds of barking
  • After 2 minutes of no-barking the collar resets and allows for 5 seconds of barking
  • Water resistant
  • User replaceable CR2450 battery
  • Battery in Standby can last up to 1200 hours 
  • Battery in use can last up to 600 hours 
  • LED light displays low battery level
  • Adjustable, durable gray nylon collar strap 3/4" wide
  • Fits dogs with neck diameters from 10-21 inches 
  • Best for dogs 15 lbs and up



  • Fits dogs Neck diameters: 10" to 21"
  • Collar strap 3/4" wide
  • Receiver dimension:  3.2" x 1.6" x 1.1"
  • Receiver weight: 4 ounces


  • Bark200U receiver
  • 3/4" wide collar strap
  • CR2450 Battery
  • Instruction manual
  • Motorola Warranty:
    1 Year Limited Warranty


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