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The remote training beeper is one of the most effective, useful, and versatile tools in our range of electronic collars for use in real hunting simulations. A Dogtra remote dog training collar is already a powerful training tool that enables you to send clear signals of positive and negative reinforcement to your dog-in-training. Remote training beepers give you the added flexibility of taking your training into the field and allowing you to maintain contact of your dog even when you can’t see him thanks to the beeping.

This enables you to continue your dogs training in realistic situations where they may be distracted by other animals or smells. You can maintain the same connection and be sure you know where your dog is and what he’s doing. This advantage has made Dogtra collars the preferred training tool, whether they work with hunting dogs, show dogs, dogs needing sport training, and even professional service dogs and K-9s. The more ways you can train and reinforce the commands and realistic simulations, during which you provide strong stimulus to emphasize your commands, the better your dog will perform when it comes time for the real thing where you can’t control all the variables.