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  • Akoma Hound Cooler
  • Akoma Hound Cooler

Hound Cooler Cooling Dog Mat System by Akoma


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Hound Cooler™ Cooling Bed Mat HCC-1001 by Akoma®

Cooling Comfort for Your Pet, Peace of Mind for you!

  • Designed with safety, simplicity and efficiency in mind.
  • Protect your dog from the summer heat! The best cooling system on the market at an economical price!

Keep your hot dog cool all summer long with the Hound Cooler. Designed to effectively keep your pet cool during long trips or cool down your pet after exercise, agility trials or hunting trips. Simply fill the cooler with ice and enough water to cover the pump and turn it on. The pad will soon become cool drawing the heat away from your pet's body! Operates on 4 "D" cell batteries for 75+ hours or order a 12-volt cigarette plug-in adapter for your car. 

The Hound Cooler™ is a battery-powered system that pumps cold water from its cooler through insulated tubing in a comfortable cushioned pad. The cold water going through the tubing provides a very effective dog cooling surface. Just fill the Hound Cooler™ with 80% ice and 20% water to cool your dog down after walking, running, hunting or any other exercise during the hot summer months.

Mat Dimensions: 22”L x 11”W x 1.5"H (56 x 28 x 3.8 cm)


  • Comes with a conversion kit to easily adapt to any other cooler in minutes
  • Powered by (4) "D" cell batteries 6-volt (not included) for 75+ hours
  • Adapts to a 12-volt cigarette plug-in adaper (sold separately)
  • Effectively cools a dog after walks, exercise, agility training, K9 training or hunting
  • Very comfortable 22" x 11" (56 x 28 cm) cushioned pad
  • Extremely durable high density polyester material
  • Only "active" cooling system made
  • Cooler holds a 5-pound (2.3kg) bag of ice and water (80% ice - 20% water)
  • Chew-proof tubing cover
  • Insulation around internal tubing prevents condensation "sweating"
  • Wipes clean easily
  • Patent pending

Has been tested in the sun on a very hot day and the iced water remained cold in the cooler and dog mat for 4+ hours. Circumstances may vary depending on sun exposure and heat level


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A message from Mike Hill - Inventor/Owner

“We are very proud of our manufacturing and reliability. Our return rate, due to defects, is less than 1/10th of 1 percent! These heaters simply work and work well. While you may have to replace the thermostat or heating element, one day, you will NEVER have to buy a replacement unit. My original heaters have worked for 7 winters and trust me, Minnesota winters have put them to the test! The coldest night during the 2013-2014 winter was -23°F below 0°F (-31°C) and my house was a balmy 53°F (12°C)!”

“The Hound Heater is designed to provide ultimate comfort your pet. My engineer has been designing heating products for more than 40 years so you can be assured it will not only do a great job of providing a nice comfortable heat but it is extremely safe! That is why it is the #1 selling pet house heater in the world! We make it out of steel and use only UL listed components. I've tried the rest and still make the best, guaranteed!”

The Hound Heater pays for itself!

In a study published in Gun Dog magazine conducted at the Nestle Purina Pet Care Center, it has been concluded that dogs that are housed outdoors require, on the average, 14% more calories for each 20 degree drop in temperature! The study goes on to say that moderately to hardworking dogs will need 25% to 50% more calories during cold weather to stay warm. The study states that a hard working dog often times needs 80% more food in the winter than in the summer. That's a lot of food! We have noticed that we feed about the same amounts year round. The best thing is still the piece of mind you will have every night, knowing your dogs are warm and comfortable.

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