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Nothing can truly compare to the first time you take your dog out on the hunt with you. The smells, the sounds, the need to be still in nature while stalking your prey. All of these factors can be offset by an ill-timed step or bark, which is why it’s important that your dog is completely on track to obey all of your commands. The best way to forge such obedience in your most faithful hunting companion is with a Dogtra remote dog training collar. On the Dogtra website, we have a wide variety, so you can find the perfect E collar to match with your dog.

A Dogtra remote dog training collar is truly a one of a kind technological masterpiece. The superior blend of intelligence, durability, and hands-on experience from decades of being loving pet owners all comes together in a multitude of different models, each designed for a specific level of dog training and need. Our simple No Bark collars are fully water and weatherproof, with a humane monitoring system that warns your pet before a correctional stimulation is applied, thus allowing an organic learning process. Other models have a much larger range, from half a mile to even out to a mile. Long battery life is a staple of Dogtra products, and on our more advanced models the handheld transmitters have a rheostat dial that allows you to work with multiple stimulation settings.

he PL and QL bird launcher systems are great tools to help train your hunting dog. The PL launcher is designed for pheasant and chukar size game birds. The QL launcher is designed for quail or barn pigeon size birds. Depending on the size and type of game you’re hunting, the PL or the QL will be perfect for you. Each launcher has maximum air flow for scent distribution, and their adjustable spring tension allows adjustment of throwing height, so you can vary the distance your hunting hounds will be following the target.