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Remote E collar training is one of the most effective ways to get your dog to do what you want, whether that means corrective negative behavior or performing in complex roles like as a service dog or in dog shows. Dogtra’s remote dog training collar line features a range of different collars that can provide a variety of stimulus to your dog to help reinforce your training message, whatever it is.

The value of remote training is that you can maintain a message or command across longer distances, some of them transmitting up to a mile. Expert dog trainers know that reinforcing commands with extra stimulation facilitates the most demanding programs, even for resistant dogs. As we have collars and transmitters designed to fit your dog and its personality, whether you have a small, medium, or large dog and no matter how difficult it is to train.

Some collars feature basic, physical stimulation, some also have a pager vibration function, and some incorporate a beeper to help you know where your dog is when you can’t maintain visual contact. Some models also feature location lights to make it even easier to find the dog while training. But even our basic collars provide you with a range of options to control the intensity of the stimulation, the ability to increase or decrease it by different ranges, from ½ a mile to a full mile, or intensity with our Rheostat intensity dial, and several other ways to customize your training tool to fit the program, the dog, and the environment.