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Willey® Surfboards use non-conventional techniques to produce surfboards and paddleboards that are durable, high performing, eco-friendly and best of all fun to ride.

Willey Surfboards is reconized because they use cork veneer on the deck and the excess EPS foam is recycled and turned into new foam! The cork used on their surfboards comes from the bark of a cork tree which is harvested every 8 years without harming the tree and most trees live for 150 years. Cork plantations are absorbing 218,000 TONS of C02 from the atmosphere every year. Not only is cork enviromently friendly, it also makes an extreamly durable long lasting surfboard that doesnt need surfboard wax. Less surfboards ending up in the dumpster is alwaysa great thing.

Willey®Surfboards makes an incredible Bodyboard that performs more like a surfboard. Excellent for riding prone or stand up surfing for Dogs Know as Surfurs.
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